Irish Prestige

Programme Rollout

Our staff are proud to have developed and customised successful, and often large scale manufacture, installation and maintenance progammes for many of our major customers.We work closely with our clients to value engineer products, ensuring a better and more cost effective product as well as project managing these programmes. In recent years we have successfully completed programmes for Maxol, Toyota, Hyundai and Aldi among others.

Over the last 20 years, IPS and 4 Front have re-branded over 1,000 forecourts throughout the island of Ireland. We have undertaken large re-branding programmes for Amber Oil, Emo Oil, Esso, Great Gas, Maxol, Nicholl Oil, Statoil, Tedcastle Oil Products (TOP) and Texaco during that time.

IPS has rebranded Toyota's 56 strong network of sitesĀ over a 2 year period, installing both internal and external signage.

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