Irish Prestige


All elements of signage are manufactured in-house, including Forecourt Canopy and Pole signage.We operate out of three factory units in the Western Industrial Estate with approximately 40,000 sq.ft. working space at our disposal and have a very dedicated team of 50 people employed between the production and installation companies.We also pride ourselves with using top of the range materials on all our products such as the acrylic brand Perspex, 3M vinyls and GE Led’s and control gear. These products have been used throughout the industry for well over 30 years and due to the extensive research and development that continually goes into these products, it allows us to offer longer warranties, which is an important factor for many of our customers. 

In addition to Manufacturing, Design and Innovation capabilities we also offer full storage and stock monitoring facilities which reduce transport and handling requirements. Many of our customers benefit from this "One-Stop-Shop" solution

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